Inotek Global Services is a subsidiary of Inotek World Biz (INOTEK) is a diverse information technology professional services company founded on the vision of providing our clients with platforms and enabling environment to achieve competitive business advantage through the deployment of sound technological architecture, adherence to globally accepted IT Governance Standards and Guidelines, and continuous assessment of operational models to sustain business unique selling edges.

We have a formidable team of Infrastructure Experts in-house, who employ “clean room” engineering methodology to deliver state-of-the-art Information Technology solutions tailored to specific clients’ requirements.

We believe we have a lot to offer your organization in the provision of Information Technology skills and services of various kinds, which will ultimately enhance efficiency, productivity, and greater output in service delivery. By this development, we reiterate our commitment to provide you with high-quality services that are technology-driven. We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

Company Profile

Inotek is an International Information Technology registered company with years of experience in ICT, Solar, Tracking Device, Electronic Security, Surveillance, Business Consultancy, Training and Support Services

Our professional team has in-depth expertise in such key technologies as Java, PHP, Python, .Net etc. As well as profound knowledge of network structure that suite your business. Inotek team of tech-savvy specialists has successfully delivered numerous projects to our valuable customers and partners from different part of the world. Our company offers full-cycle development services from business analysis, software design and prototyping to development, web services coupled with enable SMS integration, Quality Assurance services, post-project maintenance and support.

Inotek has a tradition of working with clients to ensure the most optimum project team. This approach leverages the existing knowledge of the customer, its environment and detailed understanding of its requirements whilst ensuring the necessary knowledge transfer throughout the project.
We believe that with Inotek leading the project all required stakeholder will benefit from the knowledge and experience acquired on other clients that implemented our solution. Furthermore, our extensive experience will deliver rapid results in the project and thereby create a solid foundation.
Inotek considers it essential to build long-term partnerships with clients, and involves the client as early as possible to ensure a good project management.
• Product Based Solutions for a Low Cost of Ownership – Inotek product-eccentric approach ensures a lower cost of ownership in the long-term. Our strategic development and upgrade path along with our experience and automated upgrade tools equips our customers with the security and flexibility of a future-ready solution capable of supporting the latest needs.
• Commitment to Customer Service and Customer Success – Inotek has a high performance driven culture with a track record for long-term customer relationships and a 99% customer contract renewal rate.
• Experienced Professionals with Proven Tools – All members of the Inotek professional services team have at least three years’ experience working with industry propriety products. The depth of knowledge of our consultants combined with the tools such as the upgrade tool; ensure that we are confident in our ability to deliver to AEDC the solution in proposed timescales.
• Quote Validity- This quote is valid for 30 days from the date of submission.
Computer literacy refers to the ability to use computer programs in an effective manner. Computer skills have become increasingly important as companies have started to depend upon computerized technology to get work done. Computer skills can mean that you can perform tasks that others in the work force aren’t able to, and you are familiar with and able to work with programs that businesses use. You will have a better chance of being successful in a workplace if you are able to navigate computers and use common or specialized computer programs.
Professional ICT training enhance and drives the concept of E-government, which entertain the use of ICT to promote more efficient and cost-effective government, facilitate more convenient government services, allow greater public access to information, and make government more transparent and accountable to citizens.
ICT knowledge and support for ICT have played an important role in public administration reforms in many countries. Such initiatives particularly benefit rural areas by connecting regional and local offices with central government ministries. These also allow national government agencies to communicate and interact with their local constituency and improve public services.

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