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Can India become an AI hub for the developing world?

A recent report on artificial intelligence (AI) by an Indian government think tank foresees the country as an AI hub for the developing world. Research analyst Shashank Reddy writes about the possibility of that happening. India is the latest country to join the race to lead the AI revolution, which is still in the making. […]

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Russia’s Tank Drone Performed Poorly in Syria

The Uran-9 lost contact with its controllers, maneuvered badly on broken terrain. The results are in on the Russia’s Uran-9 combat drone and its baptism of fire, and it isn’t good. Uran-9, bristling with guns and missiles, may look impressive but it has trouble with the fundamentals not only of armored warfare but warfare by […]

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Robot Rodeo Lets Bomb Squads Practice Their Skills

Bomb Squads Practice Their Skills at This Robot Rodeo Robot handlers and their specialty bots practice investigating downed planes in this annual rodeo in New Mexico. Each spring, Sandia National Laboratories hosts a robot rodeo in the desert in New Mexico. Bomb squads around the country bring their own robots to compete and train in […]

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12 Year Old Girl Develops Pollution-Detecting Robot To Help Save the Ocean

Using techniques similar to sophisticated tech already in use, she’s gotten noticed by 3M. A 12-year old girl from Massachusetts has developed a water-cleaning system that has attracted attention from major tech companies. Anna Du from Andover loves the water and regularly goes to the Boston Harbor. It was there that inspiration struck. “One day […]

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