Entrepreneurship & ICT Capacity Building

The need for human capital development in ICT Training Programs cannot be overemphasized as Technology is obviously the driving force of every economy around the world.
We at INOTEK, are poised to ensure that Nigerians are equipped with ICT skills that will make them productive, self-reliant and be able to meet up with demands of this digitalization age. This initiative also aims to provide an opportunity for participants to be introduced to free/affordable online institutes with certified courses, entrepreneurship and to create viable employment opportunities in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) industry.

We have realized that the potential of a country is not just measured on its GDP or natural resources, but on its workforce and its skills. Driven by this realization, we wish to empower Nigerians with Professional ICT skills that will ensure we effectively tackle unemployment, dispel insecurity, instill confidence amongst the populace and consequently ensure fruitful engagement of the country’s workforce.

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